Cassus Records is a brand-new music label experience. Founded by Paul Cassarly, a producer, entrepreneur, and U.S. Marine veteran, Cassus Records is dedicated to helping unknown talented musicians see the spotlight from a real stage and help their careers come to life. We don’t believe in just taking the traditional route of bringing on artists and taking a majority of the cuts – we’re digitally-based and give 60% of the profits to our artists. After all, being a musician is a lot of work; we’re just here to help them make their careers a little easier to navigate and bring good, responsible music to the masses.


Society has been changed by music over the last several decades, straight from its boomboxes and headphones. As more and more young people listen to lyrics promoting hard drugs such as heroin, supporting violent acts, and other harmful concepts, we decided to adopt a philosophy that all of our artists must abide by to be published with us:

Artistic Responsibility, Always.